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Alba Photography: Palawan Blue

I created this image whilst on holidays in Palawan, a beautiful Island in the Philippines.

Instead of making the usual mecca to Boracay Island whilst holidaying in the Phils, I thought I would visit Palawan as my cousins always raved about how beautiful it is and how it’s less populated and more serene than the overly-touristy Boracay Island. I’m glad I did :)

The afternoon was spent lazing not in a hammock, but in the soothing, comforting waters of the beach in Sabang. My wife, brother and his girl-friend had the whole beach to ourselves… that’s the life!
Just as we were heading to the resort restaurant which was just absolutely amazing (can’t enough of the tender beef skewers with butter rice!), after looking at the sky I just couldn’t help not going back to my room to pick up my camera and snap this image. It will always remind me of how beautiful our planet is and how lucky we are that we exist at this time to enjoy such visual splendours :)

This post is from my Alba Photography website. If you’d like to order a print, my contact details are here.  Thank you for your support :)

Holiday Preview

I’m still settling in (going through photos, doing the laundry, going through emails and voicemails) so I’ll have the photos from the trip up here as soon as possible!

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak.

We were fortunate enough to be part of my cousin’s wedding which was held at the University of the Philippines.
Isn’t Inday stunning?!  I can hear her now, “Of course I am cuz!”

The wedding was fantastic!  It was just like old times… but we were missing someone because of document technicalities.  Stay tuned to find out who that was and exactly what happened ;P

After the wedding, we jetted off to the beautiful island, Palawan.
Here is one of the awesome views from our beach front resort:

I miss Palawan already… *sigh*