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Night safari in Melbourne

Alba Photography: Palawan Blue

I created this image whilst on holidays in Palawan, a beautiful Island in the Philippines.

Instead of making the usual mecca to Boracay Island whilst holidaying in the Phils, I thought I would visit Palawan as my cousins always raved about how beautiful it is and how it’s less populated and more serene than the overly-touristy Boracay Island. I’m glad I did :)

The afternoon was spent lazing not in a hammock, but in the soothing, comforting waters of the beach in Sabang. My wife, brother and his girl-friend had the whole beach to ourselves… that’s the life!
Just as we were heading to the resort restaurant which was just absolutely amazing (can’t enough of the tender beef skewers with butter rice!), after looking at the sky I just couldn’t help not going back to my room to pick up my camera and snap this image. It will always remind me of how beautiful our planet is and how lucky we are that we exist at this time to enjoy such visual splendours :)

This post is from my Alba Photography website. If you’d like to order a print, my contact details are here.  Thank you for your support :)

Portrait shoot with Grace

Grace recently turned 18 and I was asked to shoot her birthday party but unfortunately I wasn’t available to capture the event so I offered to do a portrait session with her and here’s one of the photos taken from our session.

By the way, I have to thank Will and Katlin for covering for me and shooting her birthday… guys are awesome and you did a great job, well done!

Photoshoot with Diana

Photographer: Glenn Biclar
Make-up: Veronica Toro
Model: Diana


Engagement – Julz and Chiev

When Julie and Chiev asked me to be their wedding photographer, I was so honoured and over the moon!  They’re such a cool couple and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding coming up in a few months.

I haven’t known them for that long but Wong and I can get along with them so well and it’s great to have them as new friends. (Especially because they’re into their motorbike… just wish the can talk Wong into it!)

Congratulations guys!


I love messing around with my macro lens!  This spider is actually only the size of a 5cent piece.

Messy desk

Nothing to see here, just testing out my new camera flash… it works.  Now I gotta clean up my desk :P

Night Photowalk

It’s been a while since I’ve gone out and shot some photos around the city at night, plus I want to play around with my new wide-angle lens!

A few friends (old and new) met up, and we spent 3 hours learning/teaching/enjoying photography :)

Nuh-nah’s anyone?

Christmas came early this late May… I got a few goodies from my favourite store, DigitalRev :)

A flash, a wide angle lens, and… my macro lens!  I love it!  It can do awesome shots like this:

I’m going to do a few test shots with the wide angle tomorrow night in and around the city.  If you wanna tag along, hit me up on Facebook.

Photography experiment – Nikon CLS (off camera flash)

I’ve had my Nikon D80 for a while now and I’ve started experimenting with strobes a lot lately.  I have an SB-600 with an Elinchrome skyport transmitter/receiver system.  I’ve been triggering my flash with my skyport (that’s the transmitter on my camera telling the receiver on the flash within radio transmitting distance to fire).

But I’ve only just discovered Nikon’s CLS (creative lighting system) which allows my pop-up flash on my camera to remotely trigger my remote flash!  So what I did in this photo was have the flash pointing at the wall, and the wall was my giant softbox, and wala!

Now I’m in the market to by a bigger flash, the SB-900 which I will use as my primary light, and my current SB-600 will be the hair light firing from behind my subjects :)   Can’t wait!

Here’s another photo I took using the same technique but this time the flash was directed into a reflective umbrella.

Pretty cool huh?  Now I don’t have to melt my products/subjects with work lights :)
This coral was taken from Phuket from our honeymoon last year in November 2008.