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Humans have the capacity for evil.
People have the potential for peace.
But at the end of the day, does anything really matter?

Yarra River

The night was freezing cold.
These photos were taken at the Yarra River opposite Crown Casino.

More reflections

This photo was taken in Japan during the month of April.
It was a late afternoon hence the saturated reds and yellows. Again, I was trying my best to capture as many reflections as possible…

Life and Death

Some people may argue to have the dead flower cropped out feeling that the bee and the flower should be the main subject.

The good thing about art is that you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone (unless you really want to!)
So in this case, I will! I wanted to keep the dead flower in the frame to contrast the symbolic juxtaposition of this photo. Life being represented by the healthy flower on the left. Life being represented by the bee collecting nutrients to sustain its own life. Life being represented by the vibrancy of colours.
Then you have the other flower on the life representing death.

Yet both flowers come from the same stem, the same root.

Atsuta Shrine

On my last day in Japan, I was fortunate enough to see the cherry blossoms at Atsuta Shrine in Jingu-Mae, Nagoya.

Knox Gardens

I took these photos at a primary school (Knox Gardens Primary) near my house.
It was about 5:30pm as the sun was setting.

I used an ISO of 800 in these photos, with varying shutter speeds depending on the distance of my subject.

“A little lower…”

Bins Rubbish


Takayama Snow

This is my last post while I’m here in Japan.
I’m flying back to Melbourne, Australia tomorrow morning and I should arrive on Thursday morning.

Now… back to photography:

This photo was taken after sunset in Takayama (Gifu prefecture), Japan.

The snow was really coming down at that time and had to be quick since I didn’t have anything to protect my camera with.
I used a little bit of post processing so enhance the luminosity of the shot.

F/4 @ 1/30, ISO 800