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Night safari in Melbourne

Jells Park

River Log
I’m practising looking for reflections in my shots

I feel that the light/dark areas are too far apart, hence the overexposure on the left side of the ducks. I’m not yet sure how to compensate for this apart from waiting for the sun to go even lower so that the light is a little bit more diffused which would also mean I’d need a faster lens ($$$) or bump up the ISO (more visual grain/noise).



The Stare

This photo of a 5 month old Great Dane was taken in Jells Park on Good Friday. I used a focal length of 95mm on my 18-200mm Tamron kit lens, aperture of F/6, Exposure was set to 1/250sec with the ISO set to 400.

My shot at portrait photography

Due to the lack of lighting equipment, I was forced to use the flourescent light on the ceiling and a living room lamp for the back lighting. Even this produced a low lit scene in my opinion. Therefor I had a long exposure time of 1/10sec with the ISO set all the way up to 1600. I also set the aperture to a max of 2.8 with the focal length of 55mm (I was using my Tamron 28-55mm, which with the 1.5x cropping factor of my Nikon gives me 82.5)

ANYWAY… I wish I had better lighting, and a brighter lens.
But as with any photography, you have to make the best out of what is currently available to you. In the end, I think the result wasn’t too bad :)

What do you guys think?


Here are a couple of seaguls that were in the city.
This photo is for Sumi :)

By the way, thanks for the comments and feedback! It really helps with my motivation to put my photos here on my blog!
Also, I’m happy hearing from old and new friends… so keep your comments coming, and I’ll do the same with the photos :D

Melb. CBD

I took these photos today around the city of Melbourne.
The sun was out in full force which created a few harsh shadows.

Unfortunately harsh

The following photos was my first attempt to get into black and white photography.
I find that it gives the images an opportunity to present a strong feeling by showing the absolute tension of a scene without being distracted by colours.
Although what I captured was an unfortunate event, I’m glad to say that I’m happy with my first black and white shots.