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Lucky B-Fly

Dad spotted this butterfly just outside my kitchen window and insisted that I take a photo because brown butterflies are “good luck”.

I have to admit, it’s a beautiful creature :)

Such a hero… Not!

So there I was with Wong in Costco. She wanted a 12kg sack of flour to bake bread with at home. We left our trolley behind 30mins into shopping because there was only two clothing items in the gargantuan shopping trolley and figured that we didn’t really need those items anyway.

“Are you sure you’re going to bake with all this flour? This is a heck of a lot of flour”, I enquired with one raised eye brow. She nodded. So I picked up the sack off the shelf and heaved it over my shoulder and went straight to the checkout. Paid. Heaved it over my other shoulder and walked all the way to the other end of the car park where our Betty was.

Later that night at Larry’s, I felt a twinge in my upper back and got Wong to give me a 2 minute massage (she gets tired after 2 minutes)

Monday, I get up with the worst back pain.
Later that night was even worse.
Tuesday, I thought it would have gone away by then but had gotten really bad. I couldn’t cough or sneeze without excruciating pain.
Wednesday, it was so bad I gave in and checked myself into a physio and after some tests, was told that I had a compressed disc in my spine and that it was also enflamed. The good thing is that it’s quite temporary and would only take time, like many things, to heal.

2 Voltaren dosages later, it’s now 2am and I’m writing this blog post because I’m too scared to lie down. That’s when it’s the worst funnily enough. Actually, I was able to get 2 hours sleep until I woke up with a sharp pain in my chest as if I’ve been stabbed with a kebab skewer!

Moral of the story, don’t be a hero and carry more than you can. Use a trolley or talk your partner out of buying things.

Thanks for coming :)

Thanks for coming guys! Really appreciate it… and thanks to Wong for organising :)

Friday night photo walk

Hey guys, if you’re reading this, I’ve invited you to my photo walk this Friday night (29/7).
I’m going to be doing long exposure shots of the cars whizzing past on the Eastlink Tollway on a bridge.
And then Mike (PROtog) and I will be mucking around with off-camera flash (strobing).

We’ll meet at 8:30pm on the corner of Cathies Lane and George Street in Scoresby.
Find parking and then you should be able to see the bridge from that intersection. I’ll most probably be already there shooting.

BYO beanie and gloves.
DCW are running a comp so might be a good photo opp.:

Store my number and buzz/text me if you need to: 0431 437 697.

Can’t sleep

It’s 1:35am and I can’t sleep. Either because my sprained ankle is still painful and I’m worried about this Saturday’s wedding shoot, or because of what’s happening in Japan with the nuclear power plant problems. Perhaps both.

Someone posted on Facebook that the western governments are worried that the problems are worse than they appear, whilst others are saying that the Japanese government are downplaying the situation.

I have a feeling it could be a bit of both. Could it be as well that the Japanese government are also trying to save face in front of their people as well as the world? Whatever the case may be, I really do hope they stabilize the nuclear reactors. Japan has already suffered enough over the past week.

Where’s a superhero when you need one?


I haven’t updated for a while but I thought I will now because I just had a weird dream…

I dreamt that I was at some kind of party gathering for a corporation with all the big shot executives but I had to run off somewhere to do something. So I was begging the coordinator (a hot chick) if I can leave but she wouldn’t let me. Anyway after a bit more coaxing, she rolled her eyes, put on her fighter pilot uniform and fired up the engines of her jet. Instinctively I jumped on the nose of the plane and she flew us out of there towards Europe. (Mind you in the dream, it felt so real and that I was genuinely scared I’d slip and fall into the sea since we were flying to Europe!)

So then we land in Germany and I was so happy because I’ve never been to Europe! She was about to head back to the party she’s supposed to coordinate but I asked her to stay with me because I’ve started taking a liking for her (sorry Wong, it’s just a dream!). She agreed.

In your dreams, you just seem to know exactly what’s going on in your mind and in the other person’s mind in your dream as well right? So from that point, I knew we were “dating”…

And then I hear a motorbike and a big “SNAP!”. I woke up, it was the mailman popping the letters into my letterbox.
Don’t you hate it when you wake up in the middle of a good bit of your dream?!

So what do you think this dream means?
Comment below :)

Spring racing is here!

Wong and I did a bit of shopping last night. She wanted to decorate her own hat for the “dress up” for the Spring racing carnival at her workplace. I on the other hand was shopping for a nice umbrella that my bridal clients can use during wet conditions in an outdoor photoshoot. I just wish yesterday’s weather would’ve held up until the weekend was over but thanks to good ‘ol Melbourne weather, that is not the case.

Anyhow, here’s a pic of Wong with her hat. Isn’t she beautiful?!

Happy Friday everyone!

Test video

I’ve been watching a few YouTube videos on people posting video footage shot with their dSLR capable of HD video, so here’s my first attempt :)

Beauty in Red

How hot is this car?!  My mate Daz owns this beast and I couldn’t help myself but to take photos of this thing!  I so want one (and a motorbike, and a boat, and…)

Photoshoot with Diana

Photographer: Glenn Biclar
Make-up: Veronica Toro
Model: Diana