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I haven’t updated for a while but I thought I will now because I just had a weird dream…

I dreamt that I was at some kind of party gathering for a corporation with all the big shot executives but I had to run off somewhere to do something. So I was begging the coordinator (a hot chick) if I can leave but she wouldn’t let me. Anyway after a bit more coaxing, she rolled her eyes, put on her fighter pilot uniform and fired up the engines of her jet. Instinctively I jumped on the nose of the plane and she flew us out of there towards Europe. (Mind you in the dream, it felt so real and that I was genuinely scared I’d slip and fall into the sea since we were flying to Europe!)

So then we land in Germany and I was so happy because I’ve never been to Europe! She was about to head back to the party she’s supposed to coordinate but I asked her to stay with me because I’ve started taking a liking for her (sorry Wong, it’s just a dream!). She agreed.

In your dreams, you just seem to know exactly what’s going on in your mind and in the other person’s mind in your dream as well right? So from that point, I knew we were “dating”…

And then I hear a motorbike and a big “SNAP!”. I woke up, it was the mailman popping the letters into my letterbox.
Don’t you hate it when you wake up in the middle of a good bit of your dream?!

So what do you think this dream means?
Comment below :)