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Photoshoot with Diana

Photographer: Glenn Biclar
Make-up: Veronica Toro
Model: Diana


Movie: Knight and Day – 2.5 stars

A friend saw the movie and told me she was in love with Cruise again after watching the movie.  I thought the preview looked okay so I went in with medium expectations of the film.

I thought it was average.

Cruise plays someone who’s a little loony (not far from himself in reality).  Diaz plays a character she always plays well, someone sweet and innocent… although during the movie, I couldn’t look past the fact that she’s ageing.  “Not our beautiful and bubbly Cameron!”  It’s true :(
Most of the action scenes were pretty good, but the story was lacking.

2.5 stars

Engagement – Julz and Chiev

When Julie and Chiev asked me to be their wedding photographer, I was so honoured and over the moon!  They’re such a cool couple and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding coming up in a few months.

I haven’t known them for that long but Wong and I can get along with them so well and it’s great to have them as new friends. (Especially because they’re into their motorbike… just wish the can talk Wong into it!)

Congratulations guys!

Happy birthday mum

We took mum out to one of her favourite yumcha places for her birthday and I think our eyes were hungrier than our stomachs.  I was in pain. It was good :)

Happy birthday mum!

Dylan turns 3

Time flies.

Ben, my mate from high school has a kid who’s just turned 3.  You can tell what Dylan’s favourite type of toys are in this pic!
He’s a bright kid (definitely takes after his mum hehehe)


Dylan doing his favourite thing :)

He loves his Thomas the Tank Engine toys so much that Ben and Leena asked to have a cake to match.  Of course Cheryl didn’t disappoint :)
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Yep, he’s a happy boy!
Happy birthday Dylan :)

A relaxing weekend with the Rowsells

It’s been months since I strategically “forgot” the sticky date pudding in Colin’s freezer at his Dromana address.  And when Wong and I got the invite to spend the weekend with them to celebrate our birthday (since Colin and I are born in July), I knew I could use the excuse of consuming the dessert for another time… hehe

Anyway, it was great to catch up again with Chris and Colin.  It was also a bonus to spend a few hours of the cold winter night at Colin’s folks’ place as they have a good old fashioned fireplace.  I’ve always wanted one for my dream home, but Wong wants to be all modern and efficient, and go with a gas (fake) fireplace.  But once Col got the fire going and  the crackling of a real fire warmed us up, Wong was converted immediately :)


Nothing beats a real fireplace


It wasn't a game, it was a slaughter!

Colin broke out the chess board and we had a few games (Colin 1 – Glenn 0, Chris 0 – Glenn 1, Colin 1 – Wong 0)
It was a great night :)

This sleep over was different from last time… this time there was a plus 1 AKA James, King James that is (inside joke)

King James

King James is quite possibly one of the most happiest and well behaved babies I've ever seen!

By the end of the day, we had made another friend.  A stray Labrador came out of nowhere and decided we were nice people to be with.  He was right.  He was so well behaved, Wong and I considered stealing him… haha joking… maybe I’m joking…
He didn’t have a collar, and no one was looking for him.  Unfortunately we had to leave him behind.  We didn’t know his name so I named him Buddy :)