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Holiday Preview

I’m still settling in (going through photos, doing the laundry, going through emails and voicemails) so I’ll have the photos from the trip up here as soon as possible!

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak.

We were fortunate enough to be part of my cousin’s wedding which was held at the University of the Philippines.
Isn’t Inday stunning?!  I can hear her now, “Of course I am cuz!”

The wedding was fantastic!  It was just like old times… but we were missing someone because of document technicalities.  Stay tuned to find out who that was and exactly what happened ;P

After the wedding, we jetted off to the beautiful island, Palawan.
Here is one of the awesome views from our beach front resort:

I miss Palawan already… *sigh*


Well, I’m back. Back home from Malaysia and the Philippines. Back to reality. Back to a country that now has a new prime minister. Back to my home that still needs a lot of fixing up. Back to a set routine.

But whilst I’ve been away, I’ve been scheming. So I shall reveal what will happen as things unfold as planned :)

Coco vs Chanelle

Sorry about the music, just chose a random track that YouTube provides :P

Dead Ants

Amazing how ants carry their dead into a pile. Seems like quite a structured society…


I love messing around with my macro lens!  This spider is actually only the size of a 5cent piece.