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Messy desk

Nothing to see here, just testing out my new camera flash… it works.  Now I gotta clean up my desk :P

Night Photowalk

It’s been a while since I’ve gone out and shot some photos around the city at night, plus I want to play around with my new wide-angle lens!

A few friends (old and new) met up, and we spent 3 hours learning/teaching/enjoying photography :)

Nuh-nah’s anyone?

Christmas came early this late May… I got a few goodies from my favourite store, DigitalRev :)

A flash, a wide angle lens, and… my macro lens!  I love it!  It can do awesome shots like this:

I’m going to do a few test shots with the wide angle tomorrow night in and around the city.  If you wanna tag along, hit me up on Facebook.