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I got my new toy, a full frame dSLR, the Canon 5D Mark 2.

This is a shot of my niece straight out of the camera with a prime lens… nice :)

Run for the Kids

My new year’s resolution is to do something and experience something new that I’ve never done before in my life once a month.

For March, it was to participate in a marathon/run for a charity.  The “Run for the kids” was a charity run to raise money for the Royal Children’s hospital.  Wong and I raised around $1500 together which we’re over the moon about and thank our sponsors!  Special shoutouts go to Nazar Butrus, Robert Homewood, Trevor Keon, Zuleika Wyman, Branden Tan, Irwin Kuan, Patricia Melissa Affandi, Abigail  Bartlett, Susan and Colin Poon, Rene Modesto and a heap of others!  Thank you so much for supporting us :)