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Gong Xi Fa Cai!

So it’s been over a month since I last updated the blog. It’s been a mix of being ridiculously busy and a little lazy after that :P

ednaMy last post was about Wong’s corn field she was growing out back… well… it’s all gone now. We’ve harvested them and now the vegie patch is looking Edna Krabappel first the in the morning after a heavy night out on the town… you get my drift, it needs some reworking. Can’t remember what Wong wants to plant but I want capsicums (peppers if you’re a crazy American) and a lemon tree.

But the thing that’s been keeping Wong, Cheryl, and myself busy lately is Gautier Cakes!  We  have been busy with pumping out the cupcakes a couple of weeks ago given that Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day fall on the SAME DAY!!!  In fact, we’ve been so busy that Cheryl even had a second oven (double the size of the previous one) installed to keep up with demand (thanks to our buddy Wayne for taking time out and installing it).  An now we’re armed with a food licence and liability insurance, we’re out to take over the world!!! Maybe not, but seriously, how can you go past our Chinese New Year pack (ahem, photography by Gautier) but really… check out the intricate work done by Cheryl on these little masterpieces.  Each one meticulously hand done.  Each firecracker, each blossom… reminds me of the late nights me, Wong, and Cheryl spent making these things (as well as Wong’s mum staying up with us for great moral support!)

Chinese New Year pack

There have been other things that have happened since my last post but I’ll get back to them after I’ve processed all the photos… I’m currently shifting files around on my computer because my 500gb hard drive failed on me (bloody Western Digital)  Boooooo… hissss!!!!! Luckily I moved my personal and business files off it a few days before because it kept dropping in and out of being online.  So I went and bought a 1tb Seagate yesterday and saw that CPL had a sale for a 23″ widescreen for $159 after cashback so I couldn’t go past that deal (plus it’s time for me to upgrade from my 19″ widescreen I bought from Japan when Wong and I were teaching English there)

And now I’m off to take photos (not of a wedding) but an experimental shoot where I get to play with light and muck around with photography :)

Stay tuned to my Flickr account for the results!

Before I go, here are some quick bullet points I want to mention that have happened that I can remember for now!

  • Arturo Rivas, my mate, my groomsman, my friend, got his PR!!! Congratulations amigo!!!
  • Chai Kam and Guaran Chen had their baby boy, Rykan born a few days ago… congratulations!!! I knew it was going to be a boy!!!
  • Arnel Biclar turned 21 last week!!! You’ll always be a baby to all of us Arnie, you know that :)
  • That’s all I can remember for now…

Bye for now!