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Dad’s 61st Birthday

Big Fat Caterpillar

Family Christmas 2009

Wong’s family and my family joined together for a nice Christmas BBQ at our place.  Lenan and Arnel were missing because they’re lapping it up in Thailand with the rest of their posse!

Food glorious food, games, presents galore, poker, and karaoke were some of the highlights of the day :)

Merry Boxing New Year everyone!!!

Glenn and Wong

Wong’s Babies

No, she’s not pregnant!
Her baby is her vegie patch!

Christmas Party 2009

Had ourselves a Christmas BBQ at our place complete with great games, great food, but more importantly, great company :)

Seems like only recently we had the last Christmas party… where has the time gone?!

‘Tis the season!

Been busy as and I’ve neglected my own personal photography and blogging for quite some time now.

Things that have happened recently:

  • Elaine turned 30
  • Ivan turned 30
  • Chris and Colin were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, James Edward Rowsell
  • Hock and Sue finally moved into their new home
  • Wong and I had our first year anniversary last month
  • … that’s all I can remember for now

Anyway, I’m taking Wong’s advice and started printing my own personal work.  I shot the pic below on our Lakes Entrance trip recently and I’ve just sent it for printing (which I’ll be picking up today before some of my badminton friends come over for a BBQ) and just in time for our 2009 Chrissy party here at home :)

Happy Friday everyone!