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Spider in my office

Found this guys lurking around my office.  Quickly pulled out my camera gear and fired a few shots before I sprayed his ass with Mortein!

Luckily Wong wasn’t around otherwise she would have screamed her lungs out :P

Pretty gross huh?!

Photography experiment – Nikon CLS (off camera flash)

I’ve had my Nikon D80 for a while now and I’ve started experimenting with strobes a lot lately.  I have an SB-600 with an Elinchrome skyport transmitter/receiver system.  I’ve been triggering my flash with my skyport (that’s the transmitter on my camera telling the receiver on the flash within radio transmitting distance to fire).

But I’ve only just discovered Nikon’s CLS (creative lighting system) which allows my pop-up flash on my camera to remotely trigger my remote flash!  So what I did in this photo was have the flash pointing at the wall, and the wall was my giant softbox, and wala!

Now I’m in the market to by a bigger flash, the SB-900 which I will use as my primary light, and my current SB-600 will be the hair light firing from behind my subjects :)   Can’t wait!

Here’s another photo I took using the same technique but this time the flash was directed into a reflective umbrella.

Pretty cool huh?  Now I don’t have to melt my products/subjects with work lights :)
This coral was taken from Phuket from our honeymoon last year in November 2008.