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Metung Getaway – Day 1

Let me paint the scene for you… Kelvin and I were chatting about fishing (as we do) at Rick and Linda’s BBQ a few weeks ago and we start toying with the idea of going away for a full weekend of fishing.  A few weeks later, with Vicky and Wong turning it into a girls weekend as well great planning and leadership skills, we were set to go fishing in Metung!

We were to leaving Friday evening immediately after work.  Wong and I received this email from Vicky ensuring a speedy and efficient departure:


As you can see, she is a time Nazi very well organised :P

So anyway, Wong, Katherine and I gave hell to anyone who stood in the way of getting to Vicky’s parents on time!  (we actually got there at 5:15pm on the dot!)


No Vicky…
No Kelvin…
No silver Merc…

At 5:45pm, they arrive and before we could ask why they were late, Vicky was already pointing at Kelvin with a “blame him” look!
I felt sorry for Kelvin.  I could only imagine the hammering he would have got from Vicks!

We soon forgot all of that, and we were on our merry way to Metung (280km drive from the South-Eastern Melbourne suburbs)

Thanks to Heng lending us his walkie-talkies, having the two cars in constant communication made the trip so much faster and kept the drivers’ eyes open.

We got to our cabins at around 11pm.  See the pic below?  What are Katherine, Aunty and Uncle Pang doing??


Well Kelvin and I were so eager to go fishing immediately that I had forgotten my orders from the Commander In Chief my hunny.  Wong wanted me to shred the roasted chickens for the wraps that she was to prepare for the next day.  As I was prepping my rig, Wong taps me on the shoulder and then points to the 3 people hard at work shredding the chicken.  Before I could offer any help, they were pretty much done.  All I can say is SORRY and THANK YOU!

Katherine, Aunty, and Uncle decided to stay back and wait for the others to arrive (Quinn, Allan, Linda, Rick, Guaran and Chai)

Kelvin, Vicky, Wong and I returned a few hours later from the marina with fish!  The score was Kelvin – 2, Vicky – 1, me – 1, Wongie – 0.
It was weird because usually it’s Wong who always catches the first and the most… But she’s always happy as long as someone catches something :)

I’m happy that Vicky didn’t bring her laptop to the pier and went fishing with us instead!




Don’t worry, Kelvin knew what he was doing!

With the fish cleaned, it was off to bed for some more fishing action the next day!!!
Stay tuned for day 2 :D

Weekend Getaway – preview

Katherine, Vicky, Kelvin, Uncle and Aunty Pang, Chai, Guaran, Linda, Rick, Quinn, Allan, Grandma, Kimmy, Jason, Wong and I.

We all spent the last weekend together at Lakes Entrance and were blessed with magnificant weather, good fishing and crabbing, good food, and of course great company!

Stay tuned to see the rest of the photos I’ll be punching up on our blog soon, so check back in a few days :)

Chillaxing with Chris and Col – part 1

Well, Wong’s back from Malaysia and with 7 hours of sleep, we made our way to Chris and Colin’s place in Dromana.  I’ve been hanging to go there for ages but everytime we were invited, we always have something on.  You need to book us in at least one month in advance!!! hehe

Anyway, we got there and I personally think it was the best place to chillax!  Fantastic area, beautiful views, comfortable living area… I want to stay forever :)

After our yummy chicken wrap by Chris, we headed off to check out the sights around Dromana.  I took heaps and heaps of photos so I’ll be posting the photos in stages here.

Happy Sunday!

Vina Morales is hot!

I was going through some old photos and I stumbled upon this one I shot of Vina Morales when she performed in Melbourne.

I know you boys will want to do a Google image search on her so I’ve provided you with this link :)

Shhhhh… don’t tell Wong I put this here!


Just killing some time before Wong get’s back.  It’s 1:30am and Wong’s plane is due to land in 30mins.  She still has to go through customs etc… then go to Doncaster and then get dropped off at home which would be around 3-4am.  Then we’re off to Chris and Colin’s place in Dromana (after a short sleep of course!) to spend the rest of our Sunday :)

So yeah, just killing time… I’ve never seen my house so clean!  No one to kick their asses on play Wii Tennis, and I know Foxtel will just make me sleepy.  Oh well, if I fall asleep on the couch, hopefully Wong will magically appear next to me when I wake up :)

Logging off…


dSLR Lens for Sale

Hey guys and gals!

I’m selling a lens that I haven’t used in a while (because I mostly shoot with primes) and it’s just sitting here waiting to be used!
It’s a 28-75mm f/2.8 lens from Tamron and suits any Nikon dSLR camera (DX).

I’m going to put it up on eBay soon but I’m looking for a price around the $400 mark or nearest offer.

If you’re interested, shoot me an email at

Mmmmm… Gautier Cakes!

Cheryl is working on yet another set of cakes but this time it’s for baby showers!  Stay tuned for the rest of this photo ;)

Tick tock tick tock…

Wong’s gets back tomorrow night (Saturday night at 2am)

I’m preparing my self to see how much shopping she has done, but more importantly, what she got for me from Malaysia!

Almost a year later…

Yep, it’s been almost a year since Wong and I were married on November 9, 2008.

Although I’ve only posted a few photos online, up until now I haven’t actually gone through all the photos.  I’m still working on the 3000+ photos that were shot and I can’t wait until I’ve posted our favourite photos and made our own wedding album.

For now, here’s a sneak peak of photos to come which haven’t yet seen the light of day!

Enjoy :)





Goodies from Brasil… Obrigado Erainey!

Wong and I got a package in the mail from Brasil!!!  And it could only be from our American friend, Elaine!


Wong has recently left for Malaysia and will be returning later this weekend, so these goodies from Elaine will sit on the dining table until Wong gets back so we can make an attempt to prepare the ones that need preparing!

Thank you Elaine for sending us these goodies, and thanks ever so much for translating the instructions from Portuguese!  You know we love you :)