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Got fish!

Got fish!, originally uploaded by GBicz.

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Tired from Badminton @ Mulgrave


Wong goes for a boyish haircut

Press PLAY to listen:

iPhone Pics 083

Wong gets her hair done at X-Per-Tease Hair Studio by Teressa Au :)

Tournament in Warrnambool… and more ;)

Once upon a time, Wong asked Glenn to join her on her Warrnambool Badminton trip a few years ago.
Glenn declined.
The year after, she tried yet again.
Again, she was turned down.
This continued until the year of 2009, Glenn finally gave in and accepted Wong’s invitation.
Let’s just say that Glenn was very happy he accepted this year! Here is their story…

The beginning:

The drive begins

About 280km later, we arrive at our destination… Finally! It was a struggle thanks to the pitch black roads, rain, and oncoming trucks. I wish those, “A microsleep can kill in seconds” signs posted along the boring windy roads were replaced by something more effective!
We met up with the rest of Wong’s badminton team, “JT Ultra”. No sooner than 30mins after our gathering, the team captain, Jacky tells us that we need to move the party to someone else’s apartment because he received a noise complaint.

That was nothing compared to what was to come!
Just have a look at Jacky’s legs in the pic below. Notice anything missing? Keep this picture in mind for what happens on Saturday night! Keep reading…

Saturday morning, birds are chirping, the sun is out… it’s a beautiful day!

After I made sandwiches for Wong’s lunch, I headed over to the stadium to look for her.

People were amazed that I had made sandwiches for her and thought it was really sweet… It’s not that hard if you really love someone, you would do anything for them. Okay everyone, ready, one, two, three… “Awwwwwwwww!”
There was even someone there that said I was pussy whipped! But the fact of the matter is that some people often confuse being whipped, with being thoughtful. And again, “Awwwwwwww!”
Anyway, enough of that crap!

Here’s some court action :)


Went to pub. Ate good food. Blah blah blah!
Now, it’s back to our cabins to consume bucketloads of alcohol, get out of control and wreck shit up mofo!!! have some fun.
Remember the photo of Jacky’s leg earlier?
If not, here it is again:

Here’s what happened:
Some people thought it might be a good idea to glad wrap Jacky.
Some people thought it’d be funny to wax his legs.
Some people underestimated how many people it takes to hold Jacky down.
Some people got bitten by Jacky in the process!
Got your speakers on? Good!

All I’m saying is that next year, we’re not getting “Home Brand” glad wrap! That shit keeps breaking!
iPhone Pics 312
iPhone Pics 263

Anyway, after things started to die down, things start to heat up!
Someone was getting jealous that someone else was getting massaged:

Then fantasies were lived out:
Photography by Colin Cheng. Love your work man!

6 hours of sleep later, the alarm wakes us up at 9am.
Boy, was it a struggle!
Oh crap, that’s right! We were there for the Badminton!

More courtside action:

Got an opportunity to take a break from the courts (not that I needed one since I wasn’t playing) and checked out the sights around the town with a few friends:
Can you see the whale in the distance?

Then it’s back to the courts for the final hour:

And Wong’s team is victorious!!!

I’m glad that I went this year!
Got to meet a great bunch of people :)

Who knows, perhaps you might see me play next year! If they ever create an “E” grade team! LOL



Fishing Thoughts


Catch of the day

Catch of the day, originally uploaded by GBicz.

The official score was Hock 4, Wong 4, and Glenn 2.
These were Grass Whiting.

Our first audio diary entry


Tennis washed out, table tennis will suffice!

Had a couple of tennis courts booked at Monash Uni but thanks to
Melbourne weather, we swapped to table tennis instead!

Check out Col’s shorts, isn’t he sexy?!

Wong vs Jon

Wong vs Jon, originally uploaded by GBicz.

Badminton arch rivals, but overall great sports!