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Lessons Learned

What can you achieve in a little over an hour?
Run some errands perhaps? Complete a bunch of tasks? Oh, my favourite, SLEEP (because I can never get enough!)

This video link was emailed to me by a friend (thanks Rocky!) and I was told that it’s worth watching if I have an hour.
“An HOUR?!” I thought! I have so much work to do and it’s going to wreck my schedule!
So I thought I’d watch a bit of it so that I have at least a little something to reply back with to her email.
I watched it, was moved by it, was inspired by it.
Thanks R :)

Life doesn’t have to suck

It’s true what they say, “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”. But recently, this metaphor rings true when it comes to how I feel about something.

The more I’m emotionally invested in something, the more I head down a spiralling hole of being hard on myself if something bad happens. Thoughts of, “what if” or “I should/shouldn’t have” haunt me during the day and at night.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learnt is that only we make things mean something when in fact they don’t mean anything at all. “But Glenn, what about my career? Or friends?? Or even my family??! They mean something to me!”, I hear you say!
Of course those things mean something to you and I didn’t say there’s anything wrong with that.
I’ve found that because we make things mean something, the more potential there is to be burned.

Does that mean we shouldn’t make things mean anything so that we won’t be susceptable to potential pain? Of course not!
What am I actually trying to say? I really don’t know!  I’m just venting here!!!
I just know that for myself, if shit happens, I keep living in the past and get sucked into my own self wallow.  Happens to me everytime.

I guess I’m writing this to remind myself of the bigger picture and acknowledge the things I do have right now because in reality, isn’t that what we really have?
I’m struggling to focus on getting on with it. Life is too short.

I’m just glad that I have great friends around me and an unconditionally loving wife :)


Thank you!

Wong has spent the last few days scrambling to setup my surprise birthday party and she has done a superb job! She even got my friends and family to chip in for my new iPhone 3G-s 32gb which I’m using to write this post with and using the wordpress applicaton!

So thanks to everyone who was at my party! You’ve made my night! and thanks to my dearest Wong who’s currently sleeping by my side as I type this! You’re the best!

Happy 18th Chloe!

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We miss you Elaine!

A very good and close friend of ours, Elaine, is teaching English over in Brasil at the moment and isn’t having a very good time.
Elaine, your room will always be ready for you in our house if you decide to pop over :)

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Yet another Vampire movie, can’t wait!