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Hello Baby Charlotte!

I had 11/6/09 marked in my diary that Grace was due and I tried calling both Dave and herself to see how everything went. Dave told me that she already gave birth on the weekend and I was like thinking, “damn! i missed out!” because now Grace is taking it easy for a while before she has visitors for Charlotte

From myself and Wong, congratulations David, Grace, and Arielle!!! And welcome to the world Charlotte :)

Hello Baby Charlotte!

Hello Baby Charlotte!

NSayne TV Episode 6 (Modified Cars)

On this episode, we have a look at Alpine’s flagship demo car built by PHATT Audio Concepts, the Dodge Nitro.
Brett talks about Real Time Analysers (RTA) to ensure perfect sounding audio in any vehicle.
A Honda NSX, and an Audio S3 are featured in the guest cars segment.

See for more episodes


Blown, originally uploaded by GBicz.
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Electric fan heater + hair dryer on high + 2 computers running with a few external HDD’s + washing machine on spin = dead circuit breaker

Where am I?

Can you have a guess as to where I took this photo?


Sunday Stretch

It was a long Sunday.

Started at 8am to shoot video for NSayne.TV for the whole day.  On my way home at the end of the day, I thought my feet were going to drop off cos they were wrecked… I was close to just calling it a day and break from my new routine of Sunday night Badminton, ended up going :)