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On My Mind

On My Mind, originally uploaded by GBicz.
Want to expand your photography? Join the Melbourne Shutterbugs (even if you’re a newbie!)

I have three devices with me whenever I wake up, out on the road driving, and when I turn in for bed. My trusty Samsung Blackjack smartphone which is synced with my business emails and online Google calendar (but no Wi-Fi), my PDA which is also synced to my Google calendar (has Wi-Fi) and has a much bigger and clearer screen than my mobile phone, and my 80Gb iPod Classic which is usually filled with audio and video podcasts.

Now… are you thinking what I’m thinking?!

On a photographic note, click on the image to read more about the image itself :)

The day after rock fishing

The day after rock fishing, originally uploaded by GBicz.

I was psyched for yesterday’s fishing because I wanted to spend more time and effort taking photos over actually fishing but in the morning rush of getting the car loaded with fishing gear, I remembered my camera gear when we were already half way… HALF WAY DAMMIT! Here’s a map so you can see for yourself where I travelled from and to:

Anyway, we had a great time fishing followed by good wholesome Pho at Springvale which replenished our energy levels by a little bit. The nice warm sun and long drive will do that to ya!

It’s a sunny Sunday now and I was planning to sleep in but got woken up by the freakin neighbours again. They were mowing their lawn at 10:30am… what’s that you say?! “Glenn, you’re complaining that you woke up at 10:30am on a Sunday morning and that should be a reasonable time for anyone to start working on their garden!”. Maybe I’m still bitter from the other week when they were hammering away at metal on an early Sunday morning as well. Oh, and their two little dogs keep yelping away at random times during the whole day, that’s right, not barking, yelping (much more annoying!)

Okay, I’m done now. Thanks for listening!
Have a great Sunday :)


On a side note, one of our good friends, Elaine from LA, has started another adventure in teaching English in a foreign country.  This time, in San Paolo, Brazil.

There is a catch though, she’s “forced” to teach in this manner:

If you were ever a Nova teacher, you would cringe just watching this knowing you would have to do this all freakin’ day! Actually, anyone would!
Anyway, I hope Elaine gets her transfer :)

Super Saturday!

Budz, originally uploaded by GBicz.

Had a wonderful Saturday! Went fishing with a few friends to Cape Schank and Flinders Pier, caught a few and threw back a couple. Overall, the perfect weather was so good, I had to have a nap in the car at the beach :)

Everytime I go out like this, my mind seems reflect on where I am in life and decide right there and then what I actually want in life. Then I come back to reality and for the next few hours, I’m thinking how I can fill that gap… well, a few hours have passed, so I’ll get back to you! Let’s just say the gap I created for myself today is relatively substantial ;)

Happy Saturday everyone! Now I’m off to watch Iron Chef!

Eastlink, Scoresby

Eastlink, Scoresby, originally uploaded by GBicz.

I haven’t actually had a chance to do long exposure shots with my Nikon D80 until tonight.
This was shot at 30 seconds exposure on ISO100 at F/22.

30 seconds is the longest exposure the Nikon D80 can do until the next step is bulb mode which means the shutter will remain open until you let go of the trigger. A remote will be best in this situation… just gotta get a remote now :)

Wong vs Arnel – It’s on!!!

Wii Baseball - One of the must exciting and frustrating games of all time!

Wii Baseball - One of the must exciting and frustrating games of all time!

Every Wednesday is “family night” with the Biclars.  Wong and I, and Lenan and Z, pop by at my parents’ place for some good ‘ol soul food…

Now we’ve seemed to have started another thing… Wii Sports at my place straight after (we live only a couple of kilometres from my folks’)

R U into Photography?

Every now and then, I get asked photography questions, other times I’m the one asking 101 questions about it as well!  I’ve also been asked if people can tag along when I go out to take photos… So this is how Melbourne Shutterbugs club came about :)

So if you’re into photography in whatever shape of form (doesn’t matter what kind of camera, knowledge, or experience you have), check out

Check it out!

New photography gear!

Made my first purchase of a remote lighting system… well, half of it anyway.

Let me explain…
I already had the camea and the flash, but I needed a way for the flash to fire “off camera” remotely and there are two ways to do this. 1) with a cord, or 2) without!
Option 2 was what I went for even though it’s more expensive, it’ll be worth it later on :)

I bought the equipment from Vanbar in Carlton, and I was served by an awesome fellow by the name of Nick. He helped get setup and gave us a good deal too with the lightstand, umbrella, and a few other items.  I should also mention that Vanbar was recommended to me by another photography sales person, but from a different shop, Digital Camera Warehouse in Northcote where I bought other little things like lens cleaners and memory card cases.

ANYWAY… I’m happy about this latest purchase.  It’s not the top of the line stuff, but just having the ability to trigger a flash remotely for a different look makes me feel that I’m moving up in the photography world!

Shutterbug Shoot

flames, originally uploaded by GBicz.

I’ve had a couple of people ask me to let them know the next time I’ll be going out in the metro Melbourne area for a photoshoot, whatever the subject may be in the area, so keep your ear to the ground (or you can just watch this space) because I’ll be organising one for some time in late April (definitely after the Easter break).

If you’re new or pro to photography, you’re welcome to join.
Just send me an email to with your name and best contact number and you’ll be updated of the date, time, and place.

Oh and one more thing, you don’t need a dSLR to come along! Heck, you may even bring one of those shoebox experiments from high school with a pin-hole (I’d like to see that!)

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a pic I shot last time I went out leisurely on one such shutterbug shoot :)
3 points if you guess where it is!

Happy shooting!

Photography Assignment, “Shiny”

This assignment was set by me, and the theme word is, “Shiny”.
At the moment, only Susan and I are participating in such assignments but as I have more time for “leisure” photography, there will be more participants here so we should see some great photos coming up in the next few weeks.

Susan is new to photography and she got herself a Canon dSLR.
If you have a camera (it doesn’t have to be a flashy dSLR) and you want to use it more, and learn from each other about photography, then you should participate!
Just post a comment to this post with your details.  I will post a new assignment theme every couple of weeks and post the photos up here.

So, based on the theme word of, “SHINY”, what are your thoughts of her photo below?

Susan Ong

Susan Ong

Elaine Cheung

Elaine Cheung

Cathy Brillon

Cathy Brillon

100% Gautier – Day 1

Well, some of you may know, and others I haven’t yet told, but today marked the first day in dedicating myself to my photography/video/web business… and I’m excited and scared at the same time!

I resigned from my day job as a Business Development Manager working for a Telstra Business Dealership 4 weeks ago, and have taken the plunge into working for myself from home.  Some may say that now isn’t a good time to take such a risk given the economic downturn, but the way I see it, there’s always going to be weddings, 18th’s and 21st’s, anniversaries, and corporate functions that need to be photographed and or videoed.  I have a back log of customer work that has been waiting for me for the past few months, and for the next 2 months, I have 7 weddings booked that I’m shooting!

So, what did I do on my first day of being a dedicated employee/boss of Gautier?  I setup a second computer, cleared out all the rubbish and junk from the study and it is now a place I can seriously call my office :)
Various computer equipment and media was purchased, Windows and applications setup on both computers, setup a filing system both for softcopy and hardcopy, and the finishing touch tonight was my email signature.  It’s now 12:17am and I’m ready to crash!

It’s such a great feeling to know that I can put 100% into my day focusing on the thing I love to do and constantly learn about, capturing (photography/videography) and sharing (DVD’s/websites).

Good night all, and thanks to those who have said kind words of support.
But most of all, thanks to Wong for believing in me :)