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No nibbles, resolutions instead

Jerome, Elmer, Sasha, Wong and I tried our luck fishing at Beaumauris and Warigul and there was NOT ONE BLOODY NIBBLE!  Nothing!  Nada!  Zip!!!

But do you think that got our spirits down?!  Well… maybe a little!  We still had fun and resorted to fish ‘n chips for lunch :P

Elmer setting up his bait for the BIG ONE… little did we know the big one is either too full to eat or can’t be bothered looking for food!

Jerome and Sasha patiently waiting for a fish to tug at their line… nothing

Sasha and I had a D&M convo about our new years resolution.  What’s yours?

Yuuuuuuuuuuum Cha!

Today I got out of bed at the lazy hour of 11am to get ready to have Yum Cha with Wong’s family at Imperial Kingdom.  I dragged my brother Arnel along because I know he’s always up for a good feed!

Ashley has grown so quickly and is constantly entertaining us with how well she can communicate and comprehend what’s going on around her!  Now before you flame me with comments of, “ohhhh, you’re getting clucky..!” I’m just saying, okay!

After Yum Cha, Wong, Arnel and I headed off to Springvale to do some grocery shopping for the week because I can’t just rely on Maccas and KFC for food during the Christmas break when all the shops are shut now can I?  Or can I!

I ended up spending about $10 on a gaming machine in the Springvale shopping centre called Stacker and it’s an evil evil game! Basically you have to stack up blocks to the top to win a prize.  Well I had 10 attempts, 3 of which I got to the very last level and I swear that machine is rigged!!!  I will win that Nintendo DS one day!

After we dropped Arnel home so he can get jiggy with it at the club with his bros and hos, Allan and Quinn invited us to the City Life church in Wantirna for a Christmas Carol performance which was really nice to see.  I can’t remember the last time I attended carols-by-candlelight (not that the one we went to had candles… more like stage lights!)

When we were dropped off at home, and some last minute Street Fighter II antics between Allan and I, Wong cooked up a great Salmon dinner (right after watching Escape with ET!) and it was deeeeeeelish!

It’s about 10:30pm as I write this and Wong is hinting at pancakes with ice cream… gotta run!

PS. Lenan, Z, Mum and Dad… I hope you’re having fun in the Philz :) Say hi to everyone from us in Oz!

Photography – Got me a polarizer :)

Got myself a circular polarizer for my 35mm prime lens.

I know it will produce better images when I’m out and about with the sun’s light reflecting off surfaces like water or metal but I don’t know how to use it to it’s full potential yet.

All I did was unrap the bastard as quick as I could, whack it on my 35mm prime lens, point my camera up into the sky and fired away like an idiot!

Here’s what I got:

Once I know how to use it properly, I’ll post more pics up here :)

Kris Kringle at home

Thank you Kevin for coming over early and helping us set up before everyone arrived!  Wong was stuck in traffic because she was on her way back from the TV studio filming “Deal or No Deal!”.   The episode she’s in should be premiering in early Jan 2009.

What crappy weather we had for the BBQ but we had fun nonetheless!  Also another big thanks to Guaran and Allan working the BBQ :)

Thanks to Arturo and Peter for bringing their home made guacamole dip and it was deeeeeeeeeelish!

There was an abundance of food, but it’s always better to have more than not enough!

The Bunzl Christmas Party!

Wong and I went to the Bunzl Christmas party (where Wong works) in South Yarra and the venue theme is of the “Rocky Horror Show” with a tranny to boot!

Got dSLR? How I set up my shots

After clicking my camera to “On”, I always set my ISO to the minimum my camera can be on which is 100 because even in a little bit of shade during daylight, I find the shutter speed can be set fast enough to be handheld.

Next I check that my white balance is set to “Daylight” (I used to set it to “Cloudy” every time to get a warm, lively effect but I do that can be done in post production)

Once I figure out what will be my subject and take care in composing the shot so that the background isn’t too distracting, I set the F-stop to be the widest aperture the lens is capable of.  In this photo, it’s F/2.  I then keep cranking up the F-stop value until most of the subject is in focus.  I find that if I just use the widest aperture everytime, only a small portion of the subject is in focus.  There’s a little button on the front of my D80 that shows me a preview of depth of field before I fire off a few shots.

When I’m happy with my aperture settings, all that’s left is to expose the shot correctly so I then use the inbuilt light meter on my camera to set the appropriate shutter speed and fire a test shot, then check the display, and then adjust the shutter speed again accordingly.

If the shutter speed is starting to get too slow for handheld, I crank up the ISO one stop at a time.  The general rule of thumb for handheld shutter speeds is “1/focal length” so in this case, I’m using a 35mm prime lens so if I find that my shutter speed is starting to get near or slower than 1/35, I sacrifice some of the image quality by increasing the ISO which will also increase the amount of noise in the picture (in most cases, people don’t even notice a little bit of noise unless it’s something ridulous).
Then if I’m at my max ISO, slow shutter speed, the last thing I will adjust if I have to is the aperture.  Anything beyond that, I know I need to get the tripod out because if the ISO is maxed out, the aperture is maxed out, the only thing left is shutter speed… a very slow one!

If you found this information useful/less to your own photography, leave me a comment :)

Isn’t she so cute?!

Wong and I had dinner at Hock and Sue’s.

With their kids, Deacon and Sabrina running around, I knew that I’m not ready for kids YET!  Yes they’re cute!  Yes they bring joy to a family… but it’s the “other” things that I couldn’t cope with at the moment because I’m:

A)  Lazy
B)  Couldn’t be bothered
C)  and Still enjoy going out and staying out whenever I feel like it!

ANYWAY… I snapped this pic of Sabrina :)
Isn’t she so cute?!  Don’t you just want to squeeze those chubby wubby cheeks!!!

An astronomical smile :)

Tonight at about 9:30pm, I was alerted to the fact that there was something strange in the night sky and was suggested to point my camera up and there it was in the Western sky, a great big smiley face!

Venus, Jupiter, and the crescent of the moon had come together to make a smiley face in the night sky!!!

Thanks Frankie for the SMS :)