Wedding Photos (Click on photos for full size)

We were married on Sunday, November 9, 2008.  It marked our 6 year anniversary being together as a couple (Wong and I were engaged on November 9, 2005 on our 3 year anniversary)

Our ceremony was held at St. Jude’s Catholic Church in Scoresby.  It’s the parish where my brothers and I attended primary school, and it’s the same church that my Grandmother went to Sunday church like clockwork so it had a sentimental value :)

My groomsmen where (from left to right), Ivan, Lenan (my best man), Arnel, and Arturo.

Wong’s lovely bridesmaids (from left to right): Jaclyn, Chai, Cam (Maid of honour), and Linda.

We were blessed with perfect weather that day, a sunny 25 degrees :)
These photos were shot at Ruffy Lake Park in Doncaster.

Our reception was held at the Manningham Function Centre in Doncaster.  It overlooked the suburbs and mountains in the Eastern suburbs which was lit by the sunset as people walked in… we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful sight :)

Thanks to Lenan for providing his Katana to cut our wedding cake!

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