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Christmas here we come!

Wong and I put up our first Christmas tree together as Mr and Mrs Biclar, and we’re getting ready for the festivities to come, we can’t wait!!! :D

We’re still busy as ever even though our wedding is over and there’s no more planning to do.  We’re busy with writing our thank you cards to all our friends and relatives who helped make our wedding day a success.  We’re busy with preparing for our Christmas BBQ’s we’ll host and attend!  We’re busy working on other people’s wedding photography and videography as well as ours!

Yeah… we’re busy!  Busy with seeing our friends and family and keeping the connections alive and enjoying each other’s company!  It’s too easy these days to bump into an old friend and say that we should, “catch up” but never do…

Wedding Photos (Click on photos for full size)

We were married on Sunday, November 9, 2008.  It marked our 6 year anniversary being together as a couple (Wong and I were engaged on November 9, 2005 on our 3 year anniversary)

Our ceremony was held at St. Jude’s Catholic Church in Scoresby.  It’s the parish where my brothers and I attended primary school, and it’s the same church that my Grandmother went to Sunday church like clockwork so it had a sentimental value :)

My groomsmen where (from left to right), Ivan, Lenan (my best man), Arnel, and Arturo.

Wong’s lovely bridesmaids (from left to right): Jaclyn, Chai, Cam (Maid of honour), and Linda.

We were blessed with perfect weather that day, a sunny 25 degrees :)
These photos were shot at Ruffy Lake Park in Doncaster.

Our reception was held at the Manningham Function Centre in Doncaster.  It overlooked the suburbs and mountains in the Eastern suburbs which was lit by the sunset as people walked in… we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful sight :)

Thanks to Lenan for providing his Katana to cut our wedding cake!

Honeymoon – Day 0

Our last day in Melbourne before we headed off to our honeymoon destinations was spent with friends and family down to the last minute :)

We had a BBQ on the Monday afternoon and some family and friends over who were either not working that day or called a sickie!

I knew that Elaine had always wanted to drive in Australia so I gave her the opportunity to drive down to the local Safeway supermarket to get some BBQ supplies (supervised by one of our most trustworthy friends, Kevin of course!)

oh dear...

oh dear...

Anyway… my car did make it back in one piece, albeit her driving over a curb as opposed to her driving around it!  Whatever, I’m over it… DAMMIT Elaine!!!  Didn’t you see it?!!

Here’s the video of her in action!

John came ’round to show off his new toy and as soon as Wong saw it, her eyes said to me, “In your dreams buddy!”



Then we ate and ate and ate, and got sleepy in the nice afternoon warmth… it was great :)

Caroline and Christian took time out from their busy schedule in Japan to be with us.  Thanks guys!!!

Caroline and Christian took time out from their busy schedule in Japan to be with us. Thanks guys!!!

Kirsten popped by for a bit.  Our good friend from Kevin came down from Singapore.  And Elaine from LA :)

Kirsten popped by for a bit. Our good friend from Kevin came down from Singapore. And Elaine from LA :)

Our other Nova buddy, Lisa from Brisbane!

Our other Nova buddy, Lisa from Brisbane. And one of my groomsmen, Ivan traveled from London!

My cousin Jeff came ’round after work (cos he heard about the free food!)
My brothers Lenan and Arnel chilled out with us too.

Awwww... how cute :)

Awwww... how cute :)

Now, if you know what Ivan is like, he and I are somewhat similar in one way… immature!
What do you get when you mix that with Elaine’s personal attribute of being a trouble maker?
Well… trouble!  A food fight to be exact!
Here’s the evidence of carnage the followed:

After all that craziness, it was time to say our goodbyes :(

First it was to mum’s place (dad was already interstate for work)
Then to The Glen at Century Walk were we saw Ivan and Hong, John and Lien, Chris and Colin.
And finally we saw Wong’s mum, Sheryl, and Ashley.

Lenan and Elaine saw us off at the airport.

We met up with Caroline and Christian as they were flying out to Japan that same night.

Our flight was at about 1am bound for Bangkok, Thailand with our connecting flight to Phuket.

Honeymoon in Thailand and Philippines

Stay tuned for our stories and photos from our honeymoon in Phuket, Thailand and Boracay, Philippines :)

We’re in Thailand!

Wong and I have just landed in Bangkok, Thailand and we’re pretty tired from average flight from Thai Airways.  It was warm and there were no air vents that we can control overhead to cool us down so we had to rely on the cabin crew to control the air conditioning as they saw fit.

Anyway, we’re currently waiting for our connecting flight to Phuket where we will stay for a week (YES!!!) and do nothing but eat, sleep, get massaged, and indulge in whatever the resort has to offer at ridiculously affordable prices!

That’s all for now… I might post again when we’re on our merry way to another resort island in the Philippines, Boracay Island… until then, Kap Kum Kap for reading :)

Getting hitched

It’s midnight which means Wong and I will be married in about 14 hours.

All the preparations have been done, responsibilities delegated out, plans in place, and everything is ready to execute.  The only thing that’s left is for me to pack for our honeymoon in Phuket and the Philippines.

I noticed that your true friends really stand out from the rest when it comes to working together on your wedding.  I can also see how marriages can cause stress on friendships too.  Seems almost like cruel way for one to stand up and notice certain things about “friends”, no matter what you truly thought about them.  If you don’t understand what the hell I’m going on about, that’s a good thing.  Just means that it hasn’t happened to you.  If you do know what I’m talking about, it really sucks doesn’t it?  It’s also a real shame that shit like that happens.

Anyway, pretty much as mentally prepared as I can be about the wedding tomorrow.  I mean, Wong and I have been together for 6 years now and we’ve lived together both here in Australia and overseas in Japan so we’re pretty much married already!  I’m guessing that after the wedding, after the honeymoon, when we get back, everything will be the same but only this time, those friends who stuck with us will be that much closer and be better to be with :)

This is my last post as a single man (officially on paper anyway!)

Glenn and Wong’s Countdown

Wong’s little helpers

We got our wishing well today!  Rather than receiving gifts for the house (because we have all the stuff we need) Wong and I chose to have a wishing well to help pay for the wedding and our honeymoon instead :)

Guaran and Chai came ’round after dinner to help paint the wishing well, and then Kevin graced us with his presence for the rest of the night… It’s great to see Kevin again!  We had a discussion of what kind of hairstyle would suit him because he’s had the same one for AGES! (not that there’s anything wrong with it, I guess I’m just used to it)

What do you guys think?

Spike? Shaved? Messy look? What do you think would suit?

Post Bucks Party Feed

Bryan brought his new toy to my bucks, his dSLR with Fisheye lens!  Everyone was having a go because it’s too much fun playing around with Fisheye on a camera!

Click here for Bryan’s photos on his Flickr

This is my shot of David Lee... as you can see, the fisheye lens highlights certain features of the subject!

Wong got hair stylez yo

Veronica dropped by the other week to do a hair styling trial for Wong and she did a fantastic job :)

After V and left, I had the fun job of taking out the hundred or so bobby pins from Wong’s hair!