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Good ‘ol Spag Bols

Wong made a nice and simple Spaghetti Bolognase for dinner followed by Mangos for dessert :)

Sunset at St. Kilda Pier

1/100 @ f/4 with ISO200

1/100 @ f/4 with ISO200

Glenn’s Bucks

For the boys, I’ve got my bucks party coming up next Sunday afternoon, 2 Nov 2008 at 4pm.
The more the merrier but I’ll need your RSVP by Monday 27/10/08 at 12pm.

Click the page link above, “Glenn’s Bucks” for details!

Quinn drops by

Quinn dropped by tonight to hang out with Wong.

She showed us her adrenaline shot she has to use in case she gets an alergic reaction from consuming peanuts… I’m glad I don’t have to stab that big bitch of a needle into my thigh if ever that happened!

Anyway… it’s always a treat to have her over :)

“Did somebody say steak?”

Finally did my tax return tonight thanks to my tax agent, Richard, and I’m fairly happy with my return :)

To make things better, I got home and Wong greeted me with a steak dinner!  Thanks hun!!!

Ripped off!!! Well… not really

Wong and I got a quote from some guy who said he’d mow our lawn (back and front) for $50!  That’s pretty much a bargain for us because we don’t have to dispose of the grass ourselves, everything is done for us, plus we’ve got a pretty big backyard.
But when Wong called him up to get him to start at the end of the month, he said we’re better off getting a quote from someone else because it’s more work than he first thought, even though he wrote us a quote :(
Not happy Jan!  I’m gonna try and negotiate something with him like guarantee 6 months of work or something, just to make it worth his while.  We’ll see what happens…



Why do we make our lives complicated more than it is?  Or is it just me that’s doing this?

Productive Sunday

After another great 10 hours of sleep, I had a productive Sunday preparing paperwork for the accountant to do my tax for my property, personal, and business.

I was also able to churn out 15 DVD sets for a client in Tasmania as well :)

Wong picked up her wedding dress because she had it altered today so everything’s pretty much set for the wedding.  The only other things we’re working on now is finalising the seating arrangements and the guestbook which we’re designing ourselves and printing overseas.

Tonight, Wong prepared BBQ chicken for dinner followed by Mangos for dessert!  Good job hun!

Minnie & Nick

Had a great Saturday arvo!

Minnie and Nick came over and shared their stories of their trip in Japan and have inspired Wong and I to revisit Japan as soon as we can!

Thank you for dropping by and giving us the beautiful jewelry box from Japan :)

Thanks Sue!!!

Sue came over this arvo to show us her work of art!
She’s spent a few hours putting together a bouquet for the bridesmaids for our wedding that’s coming up in a few weeks.

Thanks Sue for being creative and contributing to our wedding efforts! :)