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Wong searches

I’m really lucky to have Wong :)

awwww... isn't she cute?!

As soon as she gets home from work, she cooks me dinner, then straight after, she’s on the web looking for other services to help us out for our own wedding (which is just around the corner!)

"Don't disturb me... I'm in the zone! Actually, why are you taking photo's whilst I'm working? huh?!"

Fishing at Rye

It was a beautiful day at Rye… the sun was out… the air was warm…

But no fish! :(

Good thing there’s always a Fish ‘n Chip shop just ’round the corner :)

Sheryl and Wong fishing, but no luck... hopefully next time :)

Sheryl and Wong fishing, but no luck... hopefully next time :)

My new toy

Work has given me the new Palm Treo Pro to play with.

I love it!  I can Facebook, email, open and edit office documents, browse the web, sync my contacts and calendar, and operate either using Telstra’s NextG mobile network or use the home wifi :)


* on a side note, I learnt over the weekend from Gaby and Ludo that the French and Mexicans pronounce wifi as “wee fee”…  No wonder they were getting weird looks when they were shopping for a wireless device!  Tomato-tomato :)

Wong’s out

Woke up at about midday today (I’m loving these sleep-in weekends!!!)

Whilst I’m at home doing a bit of video editing for a few weddings we’ve shot, Wong’s out with Chai getting their make-up trial for our big day in November.


I want to dedicate this post to someone very special, Jasmine Star!

She’s phenominal professional photographer operating in Orange County, California.

Her talent, passion, charisma, and pure warm heartnedness to share her life and work through photography with the rest of the world continues to inspire me in my own photography journey.

You can find her awesome blog at

Thank you J*
You rock!

A very busy, yet relaxed Saturday

Wong and I met up with Gaby and Ludo at St Kilda Pier late in the afternoon.

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Vicky’s baby shower

Vicky had her baby shower at our place last week.
She’s about ready to pop any time now so just waiting for that call/sms!


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Cheeky Ash

Just have a look at Wong’s little niece, Ashley.
You can tell she’s adorable, but she can also be very cheeky!!


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Leah’s 18th and Jun’s 16th Birthday

Hey guys, here’s the video for Leah and Jun’s joint birthday celebration in 2008… Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Sasha’s 18th

Here’s a video of Sasha’s 18th.
It’s been sitting on my computer for a couple of years to be edited so I’ve just got round to it!

Enjoy :)