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Lock and Load

Ready for tomorrow’s wedding that I’ll be shooting.
Will post pics up shortly on

Lenan’s 27th Birthday

Lenan turned 27 this weekend and we had a BBQ at his place followed by some CS, Wii, and Poker action.
Last hand came down to Glenn and Jay. The pot was split with Jay taking the majority of the share out of respect for Manoy Glenn :) Good boy Jay, your parents taught you well :P

Susan and Colin’s Wedding

Wong and I were very fortunate to have been part of Susan and Colin’s wedding :)

It was a beautiful reception at Sails on the Bay with great food and great company.

Wong and Heng’s rally

Wong and Heng playing badminton at Springers Leisure Centre in Keysborough


Lately I’ve been addicted to Facebook poker… even been playing during my lunch breaks at work with the rest of my colleagues as well as the boss.

The opening ceremony is on right now but I don’t have an antenna here at home so just chillin’

It was Lenan’s birthday yesterday and mum cooked up a feast… was gooooooood!

Anyway, I stumbled upon this site that lists every blu-ray movie that has been released and is going to be released: