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Home Sweet Home!

Just spent the weekend moving to my house in Scoresby.
It’s Sunday, 11:15pm and Wong and I are still unpacking…

I’ll post up some pics soon :)

Mum’s Birthday, and Wong’s Badminton Tournament

Sunday spent at Bunnings and Scoresby

Sunday. It “should” be for resting. But not for Wong and I this weekend.
We’re rushing to get stuff done before we move in next week!

Should I conform to what Wong wants?

Watch this video and write a comment of what you think and why

T-minus 8 days

8 days to go before Wong and I move into my property in Scoresby.
Today we bought our washing machine, and vaccuum. We’re almost finished with the painting of doors and frames.
Tomorrow we’re getting the carpets steam cleaned.
Oh, got the phone connected too so I can get my precious internet connection setup!

Speaking of technology, here’s a movie I can’t wait for!!! Wall-E!

Money money money!

It seems like you can never have enough money. You always want what you don’t have.

The last few weeks have been pretty tough and will only get harder. Wong and I are moving back to my Scoresby property and we’ve starting shopping for white goods and other stuff for the house. If you’ve ever had to move out, you know how quickly these type of expenses add up!

Further to that, we’re organising our wedding which happens in November this year… that’s less than 4 months away!

And even further to that, after my day job, I usually get home and plonk myself in front of the computer working on my photography and videography business!

There are times where I just want to do nothing an when I do nothing, I can’t enjoy it because I feel guilty for being lazy, but then I procrastinate on doing the things I need to do… not sure if this may trigger myself burning out, I hope not!


Anyway, check out this pic. I dug it out from my archives and was one of the first photos I ever took with my dSLR whilst I was in Japan last year teaching English.
It’s an HDR image overlooking the balcony of the apartment Wong and I stayed in in Nagoya, Japan.

Wong vs Elmer

Here are some scenes from a Poker game.
Warning: lots of gas-bagging!

I Miss Japan

Wong and I still reminisce the days we worked for Nova as English instructors in Nagoya, Japan.
We’ll always have a place in our hearts for the wonderful and wacky Japanese culture and I’m glad I resigned from my job as a software engineer to explore the rich culture of Japan with Wong. Since we’ve returned, I haven’t gone back to IT. I’m now in sales and find it a lot more rewarding and challenging at the same time!

Here are some pics from our stay in land of the rising sun…

Sheryl Turns 29

Photoshoot – Mel

Make-Up by Sapphyre