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This photo was taken in Nagoya, Japan during the 2006 Sumo Wrestling Tournament.

This shot was taken fully zoomed in at 200mm. I set on shutter priority mode of 1/90.

Takayama Snow

This is my last post while I’m here in Japan.
I’m flying back to Melbourne, Australia tomorrow morning and I should arrive on Thursday morning.

Now… back to photography:

This photo was taken after sunset in Takayama (Gifu prefecture), Japan.

The snow was really coming down at that time and had to be quick since I didn’t have anything to protect my camera with.
I used a little bit of post processing so enhance the luminosity of the shot.

F/4 @ 1/30, ISO 800

Domo Arigato Gozaimashita

I’d like to say thank you to the following folks who have given me a little something for my farewell…

Thank you Keiko for the strawberry cheesecake!
I’m so glad that you remembered one of my favourite desserts. I was forced to share it with Wong and we both enjoyed the cake very much!

Thank you Atsuko for the hatchou-miso and tamari!
It has been a pleasure to teach you English.

My little kinder student, Naoki (and his mother)!
Thanks for the little scented pouch.

Thank you Megumi for all the little goodies!
I love the little photo album, and I’m sure I’ll have no trouble in finishing the sweets with Wong around!

Thank you Akiko for your sweet letter.
Even though we’ve only worked together for a few months, I’ve enjoyed our time together!

Thanks Caroline for the Tim Tams!
You’re making me miss home even more…

Thank you Masahiro for the medallion of William Wallace.
I know he’s one of your heroes and I really appreciate your gift because I know it means a lot to you… thank you.

and thank you Setsuyo for the ume syu.
This is the best Japanese alcoholic drink I’ve ever tried!
I really appreciate the time and effort you took to make it… thank you!

Sayonara @ Sakae!

After my day ended at Nova, me and a few other friends had dinner at The Outback in Sakae. I always walk out of that place half asleep because of the large portions they serve! I highly recommend the Alice Springs Chicken. It’s roast chicken breast marinated in special sauce, mushrooms, bacon and melted cheese smothering the chicken. You also get a heap of chips cooked to perfection and a special dipping sauce… it’s absolute heaven! But you’ll pay around 2000 yen, which is why I can only afford to go there once a month (after pay day)!

Sophie, Caroline, Minnie, Francis, Nicky, me, Glen, Denin, and Wong.

Following dinner, we were off to The Hub for drinks. Saw the two new Nova Fujigaoka instructors there, Paul and Natsumi. I still remember my first few weeks in Japan like it was yesterday! Wong and I were just going along with the flow of getting settled in, meeting new people, checking out the places to go…

Wong, me, Brandon, and May.

Christy, Laura, and Wong.

Sian, Lisa, Wong, and Minnie.

Francis, Brandon, me, and Masahiro.

Sian, Me, Lisa, and Wong.

Sayonara Nova!

Today was my last day at Nova and I had to say goodbye to the students, branch staff, and the other instructors.
I was blown away with the kind gestures and gifts I received from everyone!
Don’t you hate it when you realise how much you actually appreciate something when you have to let it go?


Me and “the boyz”.

Maiko and Kenichi.

Me and Takeshi.

Chiharu, Miki, and Mana.

The instructors I was working with on my last day.
Brandon, Natsumi, Fleur, Rob, and Jon.

The little munchkins I teach on Saturdays.
Nana, Kazamaru, Naoko, and Koma.

Chikako (the boss)

Our lovely branch staff at Nova Fujigaoka.
Sayaka, Akiko, and Chikako.

No, this is not how we teach our classes!

Me and the guys!

Me and the ladies!

The gang!

Sayaka and Akiko were the branch staff on duty on my last day.
Sayaka (on the left) is always very happy and likes to kid around a lot, but as I was leaving she started to cry but I thought she was joking around (as she usually does) but when after a while, I realised it was for real and gave her a big hug!

I have met so many great people at work and to tell you the truth, it feels kinda weird that i’m leaving and going back home. I don’t know what to expect when I get home… I’ll have to re-adjust (again). No more Yoshinoya, bento boxes, ramen, and oni-giris!

I will miss everyone and everything about Japan.
I missed out on a few things that I wanted to do so perhaps some time in the future, I’ll come back to Japan and quite possibly drop in at Fujigaoka Nova :)

Thank you to all the students, staff, and instructors who have made my experience in Japan a happy and memorable one!

Last day

Today was my last day at Nova.
The day went by so fast, I couldn’t believe it was all over when the last bell rang!

I will be posting photos up very soon so please come back again soon!
You can write messages to me by clicking on the comments word below!

Arch. shot

Here’s my first shot of trying architectural photography (no pun intended!)

This was taken in Nagoya, Japan. On the 15th floor of Nagoya Towers, in front of the Marriot Hotel.
I was actually sitting cross-legged waiting for a nice clear shot where people were not walking through. There were a lot of people walking through this scene and it took about 10 mins of patience until I was able to take this shot. I was actually waiting for that guy that’s in frame to leave, but I actually like the element of human presence that he provides for this photo.

Unfortunately harsh

The following photos was my first attempt to get into black and white photography.
I find that it gives the images an opportunity to present a strong feeling by showing the absolute tension of a scene without being distracted by colours.
Although what I captured was an unfortunate event, I’m glad to say that I’m happy with my first black and white shots.